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New Locomotive Project — 3 Comments

  1. I am a member of the Dull Men/s Club in Southborough. We would like to visit your club someday. There would be about 15 of us. Do you ever do this?

  2. I am not a great machinist but I would like to build a 1″ live steam locomotive. Can anyone tell me where I would be able to purchase a fully machined live steam locomotive in kit form? I have found only one company…OS in Japan. I would hope there would be a manufacturer somewhere in the USA. Can anyone help me?

  3. Hi Fr. Jay,
    Well, I finally acquired my first operational 1″ steamer. We were doing the TCA event in Denver earlier this year and I visited a shop near by that had advertised a 1″ Pacific that they wanted to sell. I saw this engine on the DLS sight and after seeing the real thing we acquired it. I brought it out to WLS and had tested it with the help of Jim A. and Pat. Once they showed me how to fire it (and Pat took most of the day to help), I found it to be a great runner! Hooray! We did have a mishap though, I was making the loop with myself and Line’ on board and without skipping a beat we were returning to the roofed station area and Pat hollered STOP!. It turned out I had two driving rods come off and one was terribly bent and broken off. I brought the engine home and removed the rods, Jim Abrams has kindly offered his talents and skills to help me replace them. Once I have them back on I look forward to steaming again for the second time. I think this engine will help inspire me to get my “rugged boiler bucket” 0-6-0 put back together and running, perhaps this time holding and building steam. At least now I have something to run in the meantime.
    Best regards and blessings, and hope to see you soon,

    David & Line’

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