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New York Central Promotional Video — 3 Comments

  1. Father Finelli, I stumbled upon your page and discovered that you are a Steam Train buff. So is my son, Joe. We spent many a happy time during his childhood traveling from place to place, back east where we live, where Steam Trains are still running and he has made many films of those trips. I thought you might enjoy them. One of them has 8 million hits on YouTube. I’ll provide a link at the bottom. He’s 22 now but still does this from time to time. I was a great hobby for him! …… Oh, and I too miss the Mass in Latin and the beautiful traditional Catholic music that I heard as a child. It was profound soul stirring and proper for the solemnity of the occasion. And I say that as a man who has made his living as a life long musician who enjoys all kinds of music, as long as the lyrics are not profane. God Bless you Father and I thank you for the gift of your Priesthood!

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