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  1. Hi Father –

    I like your web page ! I’ve been involved with Live Steam for nearly 30 years. And a member of WLS for many years. I take a lot of pictures during any Live Steam event I attend.

    I have some pretty good photos of past WLS events. Would you like to use them in your web page ?

    – Jimi –
    Marlboro, MA

  2. Hi Father,
    I would like to build a 1 1/2 scale Caboose, but can’t find any plans on the internet. I would like to build out of wood (because Iam a woodworker) and don’t have any welding equipment. I do not have an engine, but looking at electrics.
    I would also like to find plans for a small electric switcher, I can build out of “hardware store” parts. I have seen engines made using wheelchair motors, or treadmill motors, but no detailed plans. I also like to work with angle iron (for the frame). I found an electric switcher kit for $2000 to $5000, but requires some mill or lathe work. Would like to find a kit I can buy the componets in 10 or 20 kit sections (like homebuilt aircraft), to spread the cost over a year or so.
    Any information you can provide would be appreciated. Bob Graichen, in Michigan. (Detroit area).

  3. Hi, I’m looking at building a train table… probably not quite the same as what you guys are doing! It’s a start for me though 😉

    I’ve been a fan of trains since I was little. Now, me and my son are wanting to do one together.

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