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  1. Hello I came across this posting and I see its signed by a Keith and I have seen postings by a Keith on the Chaski site as well. I am not sure if this is the same person but if it is it seems you know a lot about George Murray. I purchased his old home in Manchester, Ct 3 years ago and the neighbors have told me stories about George and his trains. I have been searching for photos or videos of the trains he had in the yard and i have found two one of which was posted by you. I was hoping that you know more about George that you could share with me I would love to see and know more about the history here!

    Thank You!

  2. Hi Kristen,

    Hoping you are enjoying the home George enjoyed for most of his life. The lot on the West side of the house use to have a large oval track and he had a straight track behind the house.

    If you are looking for photos, I can go through what I have an share. I still have the original Live Steamer magazines he created, authored, and published.

  3. hello my name is colin,

    I’ve recently bought a live steam 3/4 scale locomotive which was owned by george and was curious if any one out there would be able to find any old photo’s of this locomotive..

    it’s a 3/4 scale 3 1/2 gauge model 4-8-2 coal fired

    i have letters from george to the man who bought it from him dated 1960.

    i know the builder was al milburn i believe ..

    if anyone could help that would be awesome please e-mail me directly

    i have one photo of george on this locomotive on his home track on the loop for the man who bought his house ..

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