Valve Gear & Timing

Stevenson Valve Gear

In 1841 two employees in Stephenson’s locomotive works, draughtsman William Howe and pattern-maker William Williams, suggested the simple expedient of replacing the gabs with a vertical slotted link, pivoted at both ends to the tips of the eccentric rods.

The valve gear & timing come together real simply.  Again, the parts are beautiful.  Everything seems to be CNC machining.  When I received another section, OS included a letter with replacement parts for the lifting links and rods to correct something they were not pleased with.  The letter stated that the replacement was being sent free of charge to customers who had purchased the OS Mogul in the past as an improvement with a more secure taper pin. This show the pride OS takes in their workmanship!

2 thoughts on “Valve Gear & Timing

  1. Hello,
    I really want to build the OS Baldwin Mogul.. Where do I buy it in sections? I live in California.

    Thanks for any help!


  2. 8-31-12
    Rec’d a hand me down, partial scale locomotive with a Stephenson setup. It sits on taks at 7.5″ width. There was no manual for it and it had been abused for years and was very very rusty throughout. How do I know it is an OS model? What is OS? I take it that it is a company that sells kits? Please advise on a link to them or their name in full, and thank you very much.

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