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Just a few months ago, Live Steam & Outdoor Railroading ran a feature story about the Golden Spike Ceremony and Blessing of my railroad.  The article was written by and photos taken by a good friend and fellow Live Steamer Jim Abrams.  Jim is a professional photographer and his pictures of the little meet are awesome and the accompanying article was also really well done.

Shortly after the article appeared in Live Steam, Jim received a call from Bill Zingheim and told him that he had something as a gift for my railroad.  Jim would not tell me what the gift was, but promised to deliver it as soon as it arrived at his home.

When Jim arrived at my parents home with the boxes, I immediately opened it to find a beautiful Crossing Signal, the one you see in the picture featuring this post.  This is a really well made and beautiful signal.  When I spoke to Bill, he told me that he made the first one as a joke for a friend and a number of other people wanted them.

The Crossing Signals operate on 12 volts and even meet the federal standards for a “real” railroad crossing.  Bill has made signals for a gulf course that has an actual railroad going through it.  The signals can also be purchased with a bell and sensors that operate when a train approaches.

Check out Bills website: Northwest Railroad Foundry & Supply, drop him and eMail <zing [at] olympus [dot] net> or call him at (360) 437-2754.

Once again, Thank you Bill for the great addition to my railroad!

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  1. Hi Father:

    This brings back memories of my childhood. We had a man in our neighborhood who had a train like this. On weekends he would let all the neighborhood kids come over for free rides. Every weekend his property was full of all us neighborhood kids. I just loved going on that train ride. Unfortunatly due to development and I am asuming he has passed away by now, the train is gone. I just wanted to share that with you.

    Lori Kirkeby

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