Mountain Division extension update

On August 31st, I posted my last extension update. Today, I began clearing and grading part of the extension – the Mountain Division. I did a walk through with a time lapse video. This part of the extension will add 1,000′ to the main line. More updates to come in the near future.

Nashville Valley RR – Phase 2 has begun

After some reworking of the original plan, I have begun Phase 2. The track now has 1,750′ of main line. The first part of phase 2 will add another 400′, making a reverse look and double tracking part of the main line. In the spring, the second part of phase two will add another 1,000′. This part will include a few bridges. I’m still working out how I want to build the bridges. I have the basic layout in my head. Tomorrow, my dad and I are going to do some transit work to figure elevations and the kind of prep work that must be done. Below, you can see the switch at the end of the 400′ extension that will complete the reverse loop.

Switch that will return to the main line before crossing the culvert and entering the tunnel.

Switch that will return to the main line before crossing the culvert and entering the tunnel.

Nasonville Valley in the Rain

Here is a little video I did yesterday to show the flow of water around my track.  The still photos show it when there is no water and the video, well, in one of the biggest rains in our history.  So glad we moved the turntable last summer!


Covered Bridge

I wanted a covered bridge on my railroad, but when building, my father and I decided to finish the track and leave the bridge until we have more time.  As you know, we had the Golden Spike Ceremony back in May, so I thought the time had come.  Last week, we built the covered bridge.  We still have to add some details, but not bad for a couple of days. If you haven’t seen the other pictures, you can find them through today’s link. See the pictures in the new gallery!

Golden Spike Ceremony

On May 24, 2008, Nassonville Valley Railroad Company will hold the blessing of the railroad and Golden Spike ceremony.

All are invited to view this ceremony and other events throughout the weekend live at Ustream.