Consolidation 2-8-0

I’m building the Railroad Suppy 2-8-0 Consolidation. I really have not kept up with updating this page, but will post pictures here and there to give you a look of where I am in the project. I’ll have to re-post pictures, since they are in separate galleries.

Drivers on the Frame – 3/29/2005

I’m a bit behind on updating this page. The drivers are all complete and on the axles along with the crank pins and on the frame. The frame rolls really nice. Smooth as silk. You can find pictures in the gallery. I hope to get a lot done next week, since I will be home for a few days of rest following Lent and Easter.

Axles Almost Finished – 12/14/2004

Today I began work on the four main axles. I’ll finish them up tomorrow. The drivers are off to be keyed by Don.

Slow Progress – 12/11/2004

I have not posted much on this page. However I am making slow progress. The cylindar block along with the cylindar and piston valves. I’m now working on the axles. Once they are finished, ti will be time to press them on the drivers and turn in the flanges. I have a few pics. Once I take a few more, I’ll post them here. I’m learning a lot on this project under the guidance of a master builder and friend, Don Cornell. I haven’t made nearly as many mistakes as I did in building the Mogul. I’m just taking my time on this engine and doing things right.

Parts Ordered – 1/20/2004

This afternoon, I talked with Mike and place the order for the first four sections of castings. When the order is complete, I will pick it up to save on shipping.

Visited Railroad Supply – 1/19/2004

Today, I visited Railroad Supply to see their operation and the quality of their castings. I was really pleased with what I saw. Roland gave my father and I a tour of his shop and the warehouse. Everything was really well organized and the castings look top quality. Castings and raw stock is in well supply for all of the locomotives offered.

Later in the day, Mike met us with a copy of the building and erection prints for the Consolidation. The prints are also very well done. Everything is clear and direct. Each print has a list of everything needed for the print and each part has a smaller print for more detail. Prints are seperated in manila envelopes by each section

Locomotive Specifications

Total weight (engine and tender) dry: ?

Weight on drivers, dry: ?

Overall length: ?

Height: 21-1/8″

Driver diameter: 6″

Capactiy of tender: ?

Fuel: Coal or oil

Valve gear: Walschaerts

Working pressure: 125 lbs

Cylinder bore and stroke: 1-5/8″ x 3″

Tractive effort: ?

Minimum radius: ?