Consolidation 1st Run

Finally ran my Consolidation for the first time on July 18th and she ran like a charm. I had a few minor issues to fix and a few more that I noticed this past Sunday. This Consolidation is built with Railroad Supply castings and some free lance. My boiler is a Briggs Boiler built by my friend Don Cornell.  I have named the locomotive San Pio after the famed friar in San Giovani Rotando, Italy, who bore the wounds of Christ for 50 years and is a great inspiration to my own life. Continue reading

Consolidation Steams!

After six years of work (some small breaks in between), my Consolidation is finally finished. On Wednesday, my father and I moved it over to the Waushakum Live Steamers track and steamed her up with boiler compound to be sure there is no weeping. She steamed really well and held at 100 lbs, even when the fire was almost gone. My first run will be this Sunday. Video and pictures will follow!