Our Live Steam Suppliers list is being updated and re-organized.  There are still a few that have broken links.  If you know of updated information for any of these suppliers, please send me an eMail.

This is a list of all the suppliers and each is on a category.  If you would like your listing in a different category, please let me know.

The SteamingPriest Suppliers list is the largest list of Live Steam Suppliers online.

If you would like to add or update a listing, please send me an eMail.


1″ Scale Railroad Supply – (Locomotives)

A & K Locomotive & Live Steam Supplies Co. – (Locomotives)

Accucraft Trains – (Gauge 1)

Alco West Locomotives – (Locomotives)

Allen County Historical Society – (Media)

Allen Models – (Locomotives)  10/10/15

Alro Steel – (Metal Stock)

American Model Engineering Supply, Inc. – (Fittings)

ASAP Source – (Accessories)

ATMS – (Fittings)

Backshops – (Machinists)

Bay-Com Enterprises – (Media)

Beckmann Boatshop, Limited – (Marine)

Belfast Machine – (Machinists)

Blackgates Engineering – (Locomotives)

Boothbay Railroad Village – (Machinists)

Boschan Boiler – (Boiler)

Brad E. Smith – (Fittings)

Branchline Products – (Accessories)

Britton Scale Models – (Locomotives)

Brothers Machinery Exchange – (Machinists)

Brunell Models – (Locomotives)

Canonball, Ltd – (Locomotives)

Carr’s Locomotives – (Locomotives)

Coles’s Power Models, Inc. – (Fittings)

Crow Custom Cast Welding – (Machinists)

Culp Rail – (Rail)

David Moore – (Fittings)

Despatch Railroad Products, LLC – (1″ scale trucks)

Diamond Enterprises & Book Publishers – (Gauge 1)

Eastern Hobbies – (Fittings)

Eaton Custom Engineering – (Locomotives)

Ed Perry – (Boiler)

Engineers & Engines Magazine – (Media)

The Engine Shed – (Locomotives)

EPS Plastic Lumber – (Rail)

Exact Scale Models – (Locomotives)

Fair Weather Foundry – (Accessories)  11/4/15

Federal Screw Products, Inc. – (Fittings)

Finken Miniature Railways – (Locomotives)

Fish-Belly Flat Car – (Rolling Stock)

Friends Models – (Locomotives)

Friends of the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania – (Media)

Fyne Fort Fittings – (Fittings)

Godshall’s Custom Machining – (Machinists)

Grand Scales Quarterly – (Media)

Guy Lautard – (Media)

Guy J. Wicksall – (Accessories)

Haines Miniature Machine – (Machinists)

Hartford Shops – (Locomotives)

Historic Railway Consultants – (Locomotives)

Hillcrest Shops – (Locomotives)

Hobby Steam boilers, Limited – (Marine)

J & S Railcar – (Accessories)

Karen’s Books – (Media)

Lakawana Locomotive Works – (Locomotives)

L & B Model Trains – (Accessories)

LC Models – (Rolling Stock)

Leo Garre * Phoenix & Holly Railroad – (Locomotives)

Liam Locomotive Works – (Machinists)

Little Engines Large Scale – (Locomotives)

Live Steam and Outdoor Railroading Magazine – (Media)

Live Steam Parts Company – (Fittings) [links dead, if you have info, please let us know]

Live Steam Warehouse – (Locomotives)

Loco Gear – (Locomotives) UPDATED 1/31/17

Loco Parts – (Accessories)

L S Rail – (Rail)

Macdonald Locomotive Works – (Gauge 1)

The Machinery Works – (Accessories)

Mancke’s Collectibles – (Gauge 1)

Maxitrak, LTD – (Locomotives)

Meg Steam Inc. – (Locomotives)

Merrick Light Railway Equipment Works – (Locomotives)

Midwest Models – Live Steam Products & Services – (Accessories)

Midwest Train Works, Inc. – (Rolling Stock)

Miniature Power Products – (Locomotives)

Miracle Railroad Products – (Accessories)

Model Rail Castings – (Accessories)

Morris – (Locomotives)

Mosquito Enterprises, Inc. – (Marine)

Mountain Car Company – (Rolling Stock)

NGT Models – (Locomotives)

Northwest Railroad Foundry & Supply – (Accessories)

O.S. Engines, MFG., Co., Ltd. – (Locomotives)

Ozarks Little Railroads – (Locomotives)

The Passenger Car Co. – (Rolling Stock)

Phonex Locomotives – (Locomotives)

Plum Cove Studios – (Locomotives)

PM Research, Inc. – (Fittings)  10/18/15

Precision Steel Car – (Rolling Stock)

Precision Locomotive Castings – (Castings)

Prime Pattern – (Machinists)

Rail Plaque – (Accessories)

Railrider Supply – (Locomotives)

Railroad Supply Corporation – (Locomotives)

Railroad Warehouse – (Locomotives)

Rail Systems Company – (Locomotives)

Real Trains – (Locomotives)

Reedyville Railroad Products – (Accessories)

Reeves 2000 – (Locomotives)

Riding Railkits, Inc. – (Locomotives)

Ridge Locomotive Works – (Boiler)

The Rizzoli Locomotive Works – (Whistles)

Rob Preston Model Locomotives – (Locomotives) 

Robert Dustin – (Accessories)

The Roundhouse – (Locomotives)

Roger Goldmann – (Locomotives)

Rogers-Cooke Locomotive Works – (Locomotives)

Roll Models, Inc. – (Locomotives)

R.S. Hemond & Son, Ltd. – (Locomotives)

Scale Products Company – (Accessories)

Scholl Engine Shop – (Accessories)

Shay Locomotives by Kenneth Schroder – (Locomotives)

Small Parts – (Fittings)

Smith and Harrison Engineering – (Gauge 1)

Solidesign – (Accessories)

Southern Locomotive Works – (Locomotives)

Specialty Castings – (Castings)

Speedy Medals – (Metal Stock)

Steam Fittings Uk. –  (Fittings)

Steam In The Garden – (Media)

Stuart Models – (Fittings)

Stueart, Inc. – (Locomotives)

Superscale Locomotive Company – (Accessories)

Swift Locomotive Works – (Fittings)

Tanski Model Engineering – (Locomotives)

Titan Manufacturing, LLC – (Locomotives)

Tom Bee – (Rolling Stock)

Tune Trains – (Locomotives)

Village Press – (Media)

Warren K. Weston – (Locomotives)

Western Rails Unlimited – (Locomotives)