Stage 1 & 2

(November 7, 2007)

Stage 1 and 2 contain the frame and drive wheels.

The frame is beautiful.  It is probably made on a CNC and is powder coated.  It is held together in four places – the front and read frame spreaders.  There is also a spreader that holds the front spring

equalizer and another at the rear that hold the floor of the cab and the back head of the boiler is bolted to it.  This frame literally goes together in minutes and is perfectly square.

Stage 2 is the drive wheels.  When ordering the gauge must be specified (7-1/2” or 7-1/2”).  When the drive wheels arrive they are pre pressed and quartered.  The journal boxes are needle bearings to give smooth and long lasting operating.  The drivers are packaged in individual plastic sealed and numbered bags as are all other parts in this kit.  The front and rear drivers are flanged and the center drivers a blind, that means there are no flanges to permit the locomotive to take a tighter radius.  The drivers are a beautifully machined casting.  They demonstrate the high quality of OS castings.

4 thoughts on “Stage 1 & 2

  1. Thank you for this informative article. The frame is beautiful. It is probably made on a CNC and is powder coated. The Wheels looks durable and high quality. Is there anyone who agrees?

  2. What weight or how many passangers or wagons can the O.S Balwin Mogul safely haul. Please comment

  3. Last year at the Montreal Live Steamers meet weekend, I pulled about 9 cars and five people, some of the cars had cinder blocks in them. It is a pretty strong locomotive.. I’m not sure what their grades are, but they are not large.

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