Smooth Transition

The update to this website has been completed almost seamlessly, although I am still transferring all of the galleries.  Please let me know what you think of the new site.  You can drop me an eMail or leave a comment on this or any other page.


Send me the information for your upcoming Live Steam club meet and other Live Steam events.  I am in the process of adding an event


What would you like to see on this site?  Share your ideas and suggestions and I’ll see what I can cook up!  Is there something you can do or have done that will help others?  Write a little article and include a few pictures and I’ll post it here.  If you can’t get the pics in, you can send them to me and I’ll scan them.


Don’t forget to subscribe to the site and you’ll get small clips of the latest updates sent right to your eMail box.

Suppliers & Clubs

Please check your listing and let me know if you need any changes or updates.  Send me a logo that I can post on your listing.

2 thoughts on “Smooth Transition

  1. I like the new web sight, but was un able to sign up for E-news and updates. I hope to figure out why.
    Thank You : Wayne Zimmerman

  2. Wow Father. A train nut and a priest too? You’re my kinda guy. I love railroads, especially the steam variety. I wish I could afford to set up a backyard railroad like yours. But I’m not mechanically inclined like you. I’ll just have to stick to my HO railroad when I retire in a couple of years. Then I’ll build a layout. As of now, my railroad is in a drawer just waiting for me to get the room to build.
    God bless and keep steaming.

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