Website issue

 The other day there was a problem with the website. Once I got it restored I saw there is an issue with “Clubs.” I’m working on getting it fixed. Thanks for your patience! 

G Scale wall layout

A few years ago, my dad and I put an N scale train, going around the wall in the great room. It was pretty awesome when we finished. But, there were two problems. When an N scale is 8′ about the floor, it’s a little difficult to see. And, the dust caused many problems with running. So, we decided to replace it with G Scale. I decided on USA Trains GP 38-2 and I wanted it to reflect our local short line, the Providence & Worcester. Problem is, you can get one off the shelf. After some research, I found Shawmut Car Shops. Jeff is really great to deal with and his work is superb. I wouldn’t hesitate to have him do work for me in the future.

The locomotive was waiting for me when I arrived for my day off today. You can also see my cars sitting on the mantle. We’ll get the track installed in the next week or so.