(November 2, 2007)

The first section of the locomotive included everything necessary to build the entire kit.

Typical OS fashion, the kit is immaculate – everything is done with great thought and precision.  My first order arrived just about two weeks after I placed it.

The boxes arrived via UPS.  Everything is clearly marked – “Baldwin Mogul – Stage 1”.  Upon opening the boxes you can see the great care with which everything was packed.  Each item is sealed in a plastic bag, some items together with others.  If not in a plastic bag, they are wrapped in paper, cardboard, bubble wrap or peanuts.  Unlike the usual American packing, the peanuts are individually wrapped in packages about 8” x 5”.  The outside of each plastic bag has a number that should be cross checked with the item list.

Included in Stage 1 are all the fittings necessary for the entire kit.  All fittings come in individual plastic bags marked by size, for example, one bag of nuts is marked “M3”.  Also included are most of the necessary tools, packing, steam oil, fire cement, boiler tube brushes, shovel and poker.