OS Baldwin Mogul 2-6-0

I have always loved the early American style locomotive.  In fact, my fist project was a 1-1/2” scale American 4-4-0.  My next locomotive was the 3/4” gauge OS Porter.  I purchased this as a kit from an older gentleman who never finished it and just enjoyed looking at a partly assembled locomotive on his dresser each morning.  He finally decided to part with it and I was the lucky one to get this

locomotive. The little engine ran like a Swiss Watch.  Although I loved the engine, I finally sold it to begin work on another project.

When I saw the new OS Baldwin Mogul, I was really excited.  I already knew the high quality of OS Live Steam Locomotives.  When I had the Porter, I always wanted to see it in a larger gauge.  The Baldwin Mogul is the answer to that wish.

After studying the OS Mogul, I finally decided that I would take it on as my next project.  In this section of my website, I will document the assembly of the OS Baldwin Mogul.

This locomotive was built by the Baldwin Locomotive works somewhere around the 1870’s to 1880’s.  It was a natural progression from the American. It has a two wheel lead truck and six drive wheels giving it more power to pull larger trains than the American.


The locomotive is complete and running.  But I add more pictures and some video in the future.

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Also added information on the supplier, for those who are interested. I have been receiving your eMails and answer them as time permits.

87.0 inches ( 2,210mm )

14.2 inches ( 360mm )

21.9 inches ( 555mm )
up to top of chimney


Fr. Jay Finelli

7 thoughts on “OS Baldwin Mogul 2-6-0

  1. Signor Finelli. My name is Rafique, I am in San Jose, CA. In the past I have built museum quality, OS SHAY, OS BRITANNIA, ASTER BR03, ASTER ALLEGANY for a Doctor in Maryland.

    Currently, I am interested in building a OS kit for myself. I am a retired IBM Engineer (Mechanica) with 41 years of experience.

    I will appreciate if you could lead me to a OS KIT.


    Rafique Shariff

  2. Father Finelli, would you have copy of the OS BRITANNIA assembly instructions from their kit, or a list of all parts, screws and bolts and washers etc.

    • I do not. That is one beautiful locomotive. But, all of the OS engines are works of art.

  3. I can’t wait to see the pictures. What scale is your OS Baldwin Mogul. I am looking for a 1″ or maybe a 3/4″ fully machined locomotive kit. OS looks very good but is it hard to deal with Japan being so far away and customs duties etc.?

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