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Some time ago we had classified ads and the program that ran them for me crashed.  Long story short, we have new classified ads. If you thing there should be another category, let me know.  This is for Live Steam only.  Please do not post ads for anything else, all others will be deleted.

6 thoughts on “Free Classified Ads

  1. It is pretty hard to get around this website Cannot find where to email you.

    I am interested in starting the OS Baldwin Mogul and am looking for a Suplier for the kit stages here in the USA

    Thanks Sean Skelonis

  2. Hello Sean,

    We know the OS Supplier in the Los Angeles area. Go to and go to our contact page and email us. Bob can be found at the LALSRM most every Sunday with his OS Mogul.


  3. I’m selling my 4-4- 0 American [one of a batch the others of which were made for Walt Disney back some time in the fifties ] and looking to find a buyer in the U.S as
    it is 7 1/2″ gauge. I bought the locomotive from a store on Victory Blvd some time ago and have been running it on my track in the U.K. pulling two riding cars from kits obtained more recently from John dePhillips.
    Can anyone point me in the right direction to post an ad in the right place?

  4. I have engines for sale, my dad has die about 15 years ago

    have 1″ engine and 1 1/2 engine

    can email you photos
    thank you

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