Mountain Division Extension Update – 02

Yesterday, may dad and I cut 59 – 16′ 2×4’s for ties. Today, I restarted drilling one track screw in 240 ties, and laid them out along the new extension rail to ease the construction process. Later, I completed about 25′, less the ballast. Thanks to @Henry Coleman, fellow member of WLS for helping me lay some track. Here are a few pics.



Looking towards to new switch. Landscaping fabric and single rail in place.


Stacks of cut ties.


Single screw added to aid in gauging.



240 ties with one screw loaded on flat car read to spread along the new line


Ties laid out along new line


Extended crossing ready for rail


25′ feet complete. More to come tomorrow.

One thought on “Mountain Division Extension Update – 02

  1. This is looking real good. Maybe next summer I will have to fly to Rhode Island to see this railroad. I would love to ride behind Engineer Fr. Jay. Keep the posts on progress coming. I enjoy the construction updates.

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