Mountain Division Extension – update 08

Slow but steady progress continues on the extension. I’m continuing on from where I left off in August. The last 500′ is almost completely graded. I had a “minor” setback on Monday. When I was grading with the skid steer, I slid off part of the new roadbed. With that I got stuck and wiped out about 20′ of the current main line. The skid steer bottomed out, but I finally managed to get it free.

Today, I made some good progress. Tomorrow, I hope to finish grading and begin searching for a solution for a 40′ tunnel. Once grading is complete, I’ll put together a little walk through video.


Mountain Division Extension update – 05


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I have been using a skidder to begin grading the new Mountain Division. When complete, it will add another 1000′ to the current main line. This along with the double track behind the house and the new revers loop will … Continue reading

Mountain Division Extension update – 03

Today I made more headway. I managed to complete another 40′ and also one rail on another 40′. So tomorrow, I can finish what was begun and go on. Here are a few pics.


This is 40′ with only one rail.

When I first started laying track. I was able to borrow a rail punch. Wish I had it now. This is my drill template.

When I first started laying track. I was able to borrow a rail punch. Wish I had it now. This is my drill template.


Drilling for rail joiners.


Every tie has four screws. One on each side of the rail. The red bar is my rail gauge.


I made it to the crossing. Just have that 40′ to finish. First, I need to drill out more rail.

Mountain Division Extension Update – 02

Yesterday, may dad and I cut 59 – 16′ 2×4’s for ties. Today, I restarted drilling one track screw in 240 ties, and laid them out along the new extension rail to ease the construction process. Later, I completed about 25′, less the ballast. Thanks to @Henry Coleman, fellow member of WLS for helping me lay some track. Here are a few pics.



Looking towards to new switch. Landscaping fabric and single rail in place.


Stacks of cut ties.


Single screw added to aid in gauging.



240 ties with one screw loaded on flat car read to spread along the new line


Ties laid out along new line


Extended crossing ready for rail


25′ feet complete. More to come tomorrow.

Mountain Division extension update

On August 31st, I posted my last extension update. Today, I began clearing and grading part of the extension – the Mountain Division. I did a walk through with a time lapse video. This part of the extension will add 1,000′ to the main line. More updates to come in the near future.