New Locomotive Project

Today, I finally began building my new locomotive. I’ve been looking at building either a 3/4″ scale or 1″ scale locomotive. After our annual meet in August, I got talking to a good friend of mine and he suggested I build the same engine as he is building, so that’s what I’m doing.

It’s the Friends Models, 1″ Scale, 4-3/4″ Gauge B-8 Class 4-6-0 “Ten Wheeler” by H.J. Coventry of Baltimore, MD. Now the great thing is that not only are Steve and I building the same locomotive, but for Christmas his son Paul received a set of castings. In the future, we will get to triple head. That will be the sight on the Waushakum high line.

Today, I began machining my drive wheels. I finished facing the back sides. Tomorrow, I will machine the front, dill and ream them.

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Consolidation Steams!

After six years of work (some small breaks in between), my Consolidation is finally finished. On Wednesday, my father and I moved it over to the Waushakum Live Steamers track and steamed her up with boiler compound to be sure there is no weeping. She steamed really well and held at 100 lbs, even when the fire was almost gone. My first run will be this Sunday. Video and pictures will follow!

Valve Gear & Timing

Stevenson Valve Gear

In 1841 two employees in Stephenson’s locomotive works, draughtsman William Howe and pattern-maker William Williams, suggested the simple expedient of replacing the gabs with a vertical slotted link, pivoted at both ends to the tips of the eccentric rods.

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Stage 1 & 2

(November 7, 2007)

Stage 1 and 2 contain the frame and drive wheels.

The frame is beautiful.  It is probably made on a CNC and is powder coated.  It is held together in four places – the front and read frame spreaders.  There is also a spreader that holds the front spring Continue reading


(November 2, 2007)

The first section of the locomotive included everything necessary to build the entire kit.

Typical OS fashion, the kit is immaculate – everything is done with great thought and precision.  My first order arrived just about two weeks after I placed it.

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