Mountain Division Extension – update 08

Slow but steady progress continues on the extension. I’m continuing on from where I left off in August. The last 500′ is almost completely graded. I had a “minor” setback on Monday. When I was grading with the skid steer, I slid off part of the new roadbed. With that I got stuck and wiped out about 20′ of the current main line. The skid steer bottomed out, but I finally managed to get it free.

Today, I made some good progress. Tomorrow, I hope to finish grading and begin searching for a solution for a 40′ tunnel. Once grading is complete, I’ll put together a little walk through video.


Mountain Division Extension – update 07

I’m doing some intensive grading this week. In the pics, you can see the current main line to the left. The extension sits about 10′ above, to the right of the main.

Restoration of #470 – update

Dick Glueck, president of New England Steam Corporation sent me some news and pictures on the restoration of Maine Central #470.

We have begun to remove the rods and make her ready for easier towing around the yard. Wherever it is, it’s always in the wrong spot, yes? That being said, we are focusing on two major aspects of the project at present. One is the service and drop pit, which will allow us to lower the drivers for turning and to swap out trucks easily (well, more easily). The funds gifted to us by your club, and the various members who made independent contributions, will go towards that project. The other is the fund to rebuild the tender. This latter project will require some heavy lifting in the fund raising area.

Something you might be able to help me with is locating a 1″ scale live steam model of the 470. It used to run at Waushakum, but disappeared years ago. I have been led to believe it’s in Connecticut, these days.

For some great video footage of #470 making her last run, visit the NESC website. You can also visit Their official Facebook Page and an independent Facebook page by a woman who is a member of their work crew.

If you can do anything to assist in the restoration of this beautiful locomotive, you can do that on the website. And, check out the pictures below supplied by Dick.