Consolidation maintenance

About a month ago, I began cleaning up inside the cab area of my Consolidation. I did some repainting and re-piping. Today, I finished and put the cab back on. Along with this, I’ve been working on the cylinder drains. … Continue reading →

Club highlight: Swiss Vapeur Parc in Le Bouveret

As I reorganized and dug around to enhance the new Live Steam Club Listings, I wanted to get in my car, or as in this one, I wanted to hop on a plane and head to Switzerland. There are so … Continue reading →

The Brusio Spiral Viaduct

In building a live steam railroad, we are are always careful to ensure that our radius is not too tight and our grades are kept to a minimum. What do you do to keep your grads at a minimum if … Continue reading →

Minor technical issues

Since the new site has gone live, we have had a few small issues. One of them involves the new Clubs section. Somehow, the site lost track of the map pointers that you see below. This means I have to … Continue reading →

Major Update

After several weeks of major work, the site has been revamped with a new and more powerful theme and more importantly, our Live Steam Club listings has been completely re-made. We now have over 5 countries, with more to come. … Continue reading →