Clubs page fixed

We have good news! The clubs page is now fixed, and it includes events. When you hit the link for “Clubs” or “Events” they will take you to the new page.

So, I need your help! If you are on your clubs board (and can give me proof), register so you can update your club’s listing and post all of your club’s events.

Also, please be sure to share the new page with all of your Live Steam friends!

Live Steam Clubs returning shortly

Good news! I’m working on the Live Steam Clubs and they will be up and running better than before shortly. It may take me a few days to fix broken links, but it’s well worth it.


How to make a cheap sand blaster

A sand blaster is something we can all use in this hobby. When you start building a locomotive and parts sit waiting for your next step and when you rip down an older locomotive and want to prepare for repainting, this little sand blaster will come in handy. And the price is right!